Facility In-House Sessions

All Sport One City 2020

Please answer this form ONLY if your facility intends to offer your own in-house sessions at some point over the course of the event (January 18-26, 2020)

Please provide a phone number where we can best reach your event contact. *
Please provide a phone number where we can best reach your event contact.
If you rather email us your logo, please email events@sportcalgary.ca
A Note about All Sport One City Sessions *
Are participants required to fill out a particular waiver to participate in your session? *
Classify Each Session With One of the Below Levels of Fitness
ALL: The session will be adapted to fit all participant levels of fitness and all ranges of mobility. A specific aerobic output is not required. BEGINNER: Participants would be comfortable doing the activity at an easy pace. INTERMEDIATE: Participants are able to perform at a moderate pace with intervals of higher intensity. ADVANCED: Participants are able to sustain high aerobic output and are comfortable participating in a high energy environment. E: While you can expect some participants to meet the classified fitness level, this session can be modified to take at your own pace. Everyone is welcome to join in! (To be paired with a fitness level if applicable) We aim to classify each session with a recommended level of fitness to help participants feel comfortable about what they are getting into, and to ensure that the session they are signing up for is a good fit for them.
Note: You should list requirements even if they seem obvious to you, and please be specific about skill levels. (e.g. "Participants should feel comfortable in deep water without the use of a flotation device to participate in diving" or "Intermediate downhill ski skills are required to participate")
Is your session(s) adaptable for participants of limited mobility or physical restrictions? *
Special Equipment & Attire For Participants to Bring
Let us know if there is anything you require or recommend participants should wear or bring to their session on event day, even if it may be obvious to you! (Assume that the participant has never heard of your sport or activity before.)
(e.g swim suit, helmet, gym shoes, skates, etc.)
(e.g warm clothes, hockey gloves, cleats, goggles etc.)