Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club

The original Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club was established some time in the late 1970's. The original bowling green was replaced by a hydroponic green, which, as far as we know, is unique in Canada. This Club became defunct sometime in the early 1980s. 

In 1985 and 1986 Margaret Wark brought 12-15 drop-ins from the Family Leisure Centre to try the game. Subsequently, the City approached her to form a lawn bowling club, otherwise they were going to remove the green. In October 1986 the present club was formed with 34 members. Membership fees were $20, and drop in fees were $1.50. One of the original members (Greta Schaffer) is still active in the club.

In 1987, the City closed Richmond Green and their bowlers, principally from the Good Companions Seniors, joined Stanley Park resulting in our membership doubling. 

City Parks and Recreation were originally responsible for the care and maintenance of the green, but in 1987, the club assumed this responsibility under the direction of club member Mel Pickering. Funds were raised through teas and jitneys, raffles, bake sales and an annual City tournament co-hosted by the City. 

Through matching grants from the City, Provincial and Federal Governments, the club installed a sprinkler system, new backboards, a kitchen and equipment, a Scott Bonnar mower as well as a new roof for the Pavilion. Parks and Recreation gradually opted out of any participation with the club and by 1994 we were operating independently. 

The club joined Lawn Bowls Alberta in 1994 and, with lots of prodding from Betty Selby, members began to enter Provincial Tournaments, culminating in the Ladies Four winning the Provincial Playdown in 2004. 

The membership is now approximately 100.