403 Selects Volleyball Club


We are a nonprofit, athlete first organization that strives to enrich the lives of young athletes through a positive and meaningful volleyball experience. We work with experienced coaches to ensure our athletes have the best possible experience learning the technical and tactical aspects of the game. We believe the sport of volleyball is a vehicle through which to teach valuable life lessons that will serve our athletes in life now, and beyond their club volleyball days. 

Volleyball is a dynamic team sport played on a court that is divided by a net. In this session athletes will learn about 3 basic skills used in the sport of volleyball: the forearm pass, the set (overhead pass) and the attack. We will also work through some game progressions and have some fun. No prior skill or experience is necessary to attend and skills can be modified in session to suit each participants experience and comfort level. Participants should be dressed in active wear that they can move comfortably in, and court/running shoes. All participants should also have a water bottle. Knee pads are not required.