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The 16th Annual Eric Francis Pizza Pigout


The year was 1996 and a young Eric Francis was hungry. But was his standard, go-to pizzeria really offering up the best pie in town? Surely there were better alternatives...but where? That night the Pizza Pigout was born. Why not invite every pizzeria and restaurant in town to offer up its three finest pizzas and enlist the services of local celebs like Jeff Garcia, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Jarome Iginla, Lanny McDonald, Kelly Hrudey and even TV legend Buck Shot to help determine the very best of Mozza Moguls.

Over 150 pizzas showed up that first year at Dusty's and it, um, mushroomed from there, becoming the largest gathering of Calgary celebrities every year. What's more, the results are published in the Calgary Sun, giving Calgarians the definitive guide to ordering their next cheesy wheel.

Whether you’re showing off your shop’s best thin crust in the acclaimed competition for Calgary’s Best Pizza, or just out supporting your favourite neighbourhood pizzeria/restaurant all proceeds will be donated directly to KidSport Calgary and You Can Play! Come out… and Pigout!