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World Urban Parks Children, Play and Nature Webinar Series: Changing the Ways Calgary Plays


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  • • Julie Guimond, Environmental Education Lead, Calgary Parks 

  • • Nalini Mohan, Education Strategist, Calgary Parks 

  • • Sarah Papineau, Recreation Coordinator, Calgary Recreation 

Webinar Description: 

The City of Calgary embarked on an initiative that encouraged greater independent play, riskier play and a reconnection with nature. From adventure playgrounds to a Play Charter, come learn how we are changing the ways Calgary plays. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. The role that municipal governments can play in influencing provision of children’s play. 

2. Importance of and methods to engage the community of practitioners, researchers and policy makers in building and executing a city-wide strategy for children’s play. 

3. How research and evidence can improve how to target play provisions and ensure biggest impact. 

4. Practical examples of how to implement a mobile adventure playground in your municipality. 

About the Speakers: 

There are many brains behind this movement including Julie, Nalini and Sarah. All of them are leaders for different teams across the City of Calgary, and all of them are passionate about play. They do this work off the sides of their desks, promote the benefits of play non-stop in all aspects of their lives, and are dedicated to breaking down the barriers which parents put around play through education and innovation. If you navigate through their social media posts, you’ll often see images of their own kids exploring, trying new activities, and performing the age-old “look mom/dad, no hands!” pose. You know, just being kids! They practice what they preach and look forward to talking to you about how to meaningfully engage others about what it really means to play, and how you can bring play back to your city.