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Flying Trapeze Instructor Training Program


Are you ready to take your skills to a new level?

Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze will be back in Summer 2019 and we want you to come train with us!

If you are fit, enthusiastic and over 18 years of age, Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze has a unique opportunity for you. Previous experience in Flying Trapeze is preferred, but not a prerequisite - you will be trained by experienced Flying Trapeze instructors, and will be supervised at all times.

Imagine adding Flying Trapeze to your skill set! Learning to work on a trapeze rig is not only exciting, but teaches valuable skills which can be used in many other areas. Some aspects of training include learning how to teaching ground school, safety management practices around the trapeze rig, working on the trapeze platform, and an introduction to the safety lines. Training Program applicants will need an attention to detail and the ability to work with the public and as part of a team.

As part of the Training program, you will be expected to assist during regularly scheduled public classes throughout the summer. Benefits to being a part of this program include continued Flying Trapeze skills training during Staff Fly sessions and discounted class rates.

Our Training Program will start in mid-May, depending on weather conditions, and run throughout the course of the summer. Space in this program is limited, please contact as soon as possible if you would like further registration information. Applicants will be screened by the Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze team before acceptance into the Training Program.

Program Fee: $500 (Fee includes 4 Flying Trapeze Classes, a value of $220)

Application deadline is April 20, 2019