Women’s Artistic Gymnastic Head Coach / Coordinator at Altadore Gymnastic Club

Job Title: Women’s Artistic Gymnastic Head Coach / Coordinator
Terms of Employment: Permanent Full-time
Salary: $55,000 – $60,000
Week: 40 hours (full-time)
Benefits: Medical / Dental
Start: Immediate

Primary Objective:

This position is located in Calgary, Alberta and reports directly to the Athletic Director. The WAG Head Coach position is responsible for organizing, implementing, and communicating all activities in the WAG program with the assistance of the Provincial and Developmental Coordinator. The WAG Head Coach is also responsible for coaching the assigned groups to provide a learning environment for all athletes and prepare them for (future) competition. The role is accountable for working within the club’s vision, mission, policies, procedures and goals set forth by the Management Team. This position will also work as the Safety Coordinator and is responsible for updating and ensuring all employees and equipment meets safety standards set forth by AGC.

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Coach WAG program as determined by Management
  • Organize class groups and structures
  • Work collaboratively with coaches by delegating planning, communication, and coaching responsibilities with the WAG Developmental Coordinator and WAG Provincial Coordinator Develop and assign WAG coaches work schedules and coaching rotations
  • Develops and ensures the effective delivery of short and long term goals
  • Assist WAG coaches development and coaching skills
  • Develop, adhere and manage program budget
  • Actively recruit and develop new athletes and coaches
  • Communicate with parents on class structures and changes, child’s progress, competition information and any concerns that may arise
  • Communicate and work as a team with administration to ensure a high level of customer service
  • Communicate and work as a team with all coaches under supervision
  • Provide mentorship opportunities for coaches under supervision
  • Update and inform administration of any change in athlete status
  • Ensure absences are approved and coverage is arranged
  • Ensure WAG coaches absences are approved and coverage is arranged
  • Set up and put away all gym equipment
  • Supervise athletes in a safe and effective manner
  • Keep accurate attendance records
  • Ensure the gym and equipment are safe, organized, clean and well maintained
  • Maintain a professional appearance
  • Be up to date on Employee Handbook and changes made to it.
  • Participate in a coaching or technical role in demonstrations, internal club events and competitions as assigned
  • Adhere to the code of conduct for coaches and athletes for AGC, AGF, and GCG
  • Attend ail coach meetings and club events as required
  • Work/collaborate with coaches to develop floor rotation once comfortable with model. Follow and enforce rotation model in the gym at all times
  • Exercise all FOIP regulations
  • Adhere to privacy of information act Compete all accident reports
  • Organize first aid certification events
  • Update and track employee first aid certification cours
  • Maintain and update first aid equipment
  • Complete monthly general equipment checks
  • Complete bl-monthly equipment safety inspections
  • Report and update damaged equipment
  • Install new equipment
  • Attend to areas of the gym that need fixing or tidying weekly
  • Maintain equipment depreciation documents
  • Create and update annual equipment purchases needed
  • Communicate with the Executive Director/ Executive Management Committee of any safety concerns or issues as the arise
  • Work collaboratively with all staff maintaining a professional attitude at all times
  • Communicate openly with all staff members
  • Supports and promotes AGC with the best interest of the business always at the forefront
  • Any other duties assigned by Executive Director/ Executive Management Committee


  • FIG level 3 certified

  • First aid and CPR certified
  • 15 years coaching experience
  • 10 years International coaching experience
  • 5 Years head coach experience
  • 2 Years high performance coaching experience
  • 3 years gymnastics club management experience
  • Excellent understanding of the FIG code of points

Contact name: Jenny Filipchuk
Contact email: boardofdirectors@altadoregym.com
Contact phone: 403-720-2711
Club name: Altadore Gymnastic Club