Cheetah Program Director and Head Coach with Caltaf


The Caltaf Cheetah Program Director and Head Coach is committed to excellence in Athletics through the development of athletes and coaches.  The focus of the Cheetahs program is to introduce athletes between the ages of 8 and 11 to the sport of track and field while at the same time developing fundamentals of the sport and a general foundation level of fitness that will benefit these young athletes in all aspects of their lives.


  • Possess working knowledge of all aspects of the sport. 
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills and willing to work with parents, athletes, Administrator, Board and coaches. 
  • Strong leadership skill with exceptional interpersonal, facilitation and organizational skills.
  • Fosters team management and growth.
  • Previous coaching experience is a must.

Overall Job Goal:

Provides leadership in the ongoing development, organization and improvement of the Cheetah Program through the coordination, planning, evaluation and implementation of programs.


  • Acts as Team Lead, coach, teacher, and track enthusiast
  • Organize practices to build fitness and strength for running events and technique for field events;
  • Organize team participation at meets
  • Responsible for the integrity of all activities associated with Caltaf, Athletics Alberta and Athletics Canada.
  • Responsible for the assignment of coaches and organization of training groups.
  • Conduct team award, ceremonies and athlete recognition, gather team meet results, record team progress
  • Assists in the transition of athletes between groups.
  • Works closely with the Administrator to determine and organize practice scheduling and facility
  • Teach and lead in good sportsmanship
  • Delegate responsibilities to assistant coaches(es) to ensure the above takes place

The deadline is August 15th.

Salary is $550/month for ~48 hours/month.

Please contact Liana Thorburn at 403 819-4196 and send resume to

Walter Woodroffe-Brown