Gymnastics & Trampoline Coaches at Flip Factory

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge of gymnastics and trampoline? Do you have excellent class management skills and enjoy working with all ages and abilities? Do you appreciate the value of challenging yet non-competitive programs? Are you a team player who knows how to have fun yet still be professional in your approach?

Flip Factory is a unique organization and facility which offers programs for toddlers through to adults and beginners through to pros. We have classes in gymnastics, trampoline, circus, parkour, Ninja Warrior and stunt training. We are an industry leader in gymnastic-based programs and continue to innovate and create!

We are looking for 3-5 additional team members for the upcoming spring session (Apr. 8 – Jun. 19), Spring Break Camps (Mar. 25 – Mar. 29) and our summer programming (July & August). Part-time to full time positions are available, specifically:

  • Daytime preschool gymnastics coach.

  • Late afternoon and evening circus/ gymnastics/ trampoline coach.

  • Late afternoon and evening parkour/ Ninja Warrior/ stunt/ trampoline coach.

  • Weekend preschool coach.

  • Summer and Spring Break camp coaches.

We are willing to train the right people in circus, Ninja, parkour and stunts however, a strong background in gymnastics and/or trampoline is essential.

Hourly rates vary from $15-$25/hour depending upon experience and qualifications.

Please reply to this with your resume and cover letter.

David Benson