Director of Soccer Operations at Calgary South West United Soccer Association

The Calgary South West United Soccer Club (CSWU) is seeking formal applications for the full-time position of Director of Soccer Operation (DSO)

CSWU Club Background

SWU began in 2003 when communities in South West Calgary formed a cooperative to provide a more comprehensive soccer program and improve the development opportunities for our players. From the beginning, our emphasis has been player development with a strong focus on individual technical skills. We offer boys and girls programs ranging from U3 – U19 and we are in the process of building a stronger relationship with the Callies Soccer Club for adult programming. The 2003 collaboration of Shawnee, Cedar Ridge, Fish Creek and South Four communities forming CSWU has grown significantly and as of March 15, 2018 we have started training at our own indoor soccer facility. CSWU’s extensive membership and our own indoor Soccer Center have afforded us an optimistic and positive future and we look forward to continuing our strong participation in the Canadian soccer community.

Overview of Qualifications

The successful candidate will, at minimum, possess the following skills, qualifications, and prerequisites:

  • National B License or International equivalent, with National A license preferred

  • Preference given to individuals with post-secondary education; degree or diploma

  • Experience in directly hiring, managing, mentoring and motivating highly-qualified, elite coaching personnel

  • Experience managing technical budgets and associated cost management and reporting

  • Experience and understanding within the Canadian Usport and/or NCAA systems

  • An ability to think and plan strategically, and effectively link technical planning with broader Club goals and strategic intent

  • Strong communications skills and an ability to convey technical planning to non-technical Club stakeholders, including the parents of players

  • A team player, with an ability to operate as part of an integrated multi-functional management team

  • Hold a valid driver’s license

  • Up to date criminal record and background check required

Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Interested candidates should forward their resume, salary expectations, and references.

Candidate screening will be ongoing until the position is filled.

Position Summary

The Director of Soccer Operation reports to the Executive Director and works collaboratively with the CSWU Board of Directors

The DSO is responsible for:

  • Liaising with:

  • CSWU administrative staff

  • CSWU player & parent community

  • CMSA as CSWU representative

  • Calgary soccer clubs

  • Alberta Soccer & Canada Soccer

  • Community partners & stakeholders

  • Technical Leadership

  • Formal Player & CoachProgram Plans

  • Coach Development - staff and volunteer development pathways

  • Player Development - documentation, education and execution

  • Creating a player development pathway

  • Budget Management

  • Manage full and part time training staff

  • Create a High Performance, elite, year-round technical program

  • Member Relations & Communication

  • Meeting or exceeding Board mandated performance metrics

  • Club Growth and Inspiration

Knowledge and Experience

  • A belief that youth coaches and youth soccer clubs play a fundamental role in the development of soccer in the country

  • Knowledge of and support for the Canada Soccer Pathway (LTPD) model

  • A proven track record of success in the development of large youth soccer programs at every level

  • Knowledge of the Canadian soccer landscape, and the challenges and opportunities it presents to player development

  • Knowledge of elite player development systems and how they differ and integrate with community sport programs.

Strategic Priorities

  • Improve education & understanding of Grassroots players/parents to increase the number of players transitioning from Grassroots to CMSA programs

  • Growth and strengthening of membership by ensuring the organization is responsive to community requirements and professional in its delivery of programs

  • Consistently exemplify the governing principles of professional leadership, passionate service, and progressive collaboration on behalf of CSWU, demonstrating integrity and ethical standards

  • Actively identify, recruit, and develop female coaches

  • Develop a clear, written Coach Development Plan which includes the establishment of a formal Coach Mentorship program

Technical Leadership

  • Evaluate current Academy programs, Coach and Player Development initiatives and make recommendations for improvements based on the Club’s short and long-range strategic goals and objectives

  • Act as the chief spokesperson for the CSWU on Club-level technical development matters, including external liaisons with governing bodies and leagues.

  • Work within the community to help build the CSWU brand and awareness of our various programs

  • Recruit, develop and directly manage the performance of the Club’s complement of age group Academy Coaches and other Coaching Staff including external liaisons with governing bodies and leagues

  • Monitor compliance of Club curriculum with Canada Soccer Pathway guidelines

  • Addressing the frequent changes in the soccer landscape by adjusting plans and programs accordingly

  • Provide direction and leadership for all staff coaches and team coaches

  • Establish an ongoing education program for parents rooted in the Club philosophy, Canada Sport for Life, LTPD and other related best-practices to support their children’s athletic development

  • Establish partnerships with university and professional soccer organizations to ensure progression and availability of highest possible opportunities for Club’s top soccer talent

People Management

  • Recruit, develop and directly manage Academy Coaches and team coaching staff

  • Clearly define coaching staff job descriptions, expectations and timelines

  • Conduct semi-annual performance reviews of staff coaches

  • Create a team atmosphere for coaching staff and motivate coaches to grow and inspire players

Technical program development

  • Build on the Club’s existing player development program base and improve program quality, delivery and communication

  • Maintain procedures for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the Technical Development Plan including player retention, transition and promotion

  • Development of specialized programs such as Keeper training, fitness, sport science, skills camps, etc.

  • Ensure that the established CSWU style of play is implemented into Technical programming

  • Coaches are mentored on supporting and promoting a highly-skilled/technical possession style of play

  • Develop and establish an elite player plan and pathway that will incorporate a High Performance Training Center

  • Establish structured program quality management initiatives including in-season player evaluations and try-outs.

  • Create a culture of ongoing coach education through annual planning and hosting of age specific LTPD Coaching Community & Licensing Streams in accordance with the CSA Coach Education Pathway

  • Support and guide the development of Club-wide curriculum's for all age groups, including the development of an online technical library

  • Build partnerships with external technical service providers to create a fully integrated on and off field coach and player development program

Budget Management

  • Be responsible for the Club’s overall technical budget including Academy, Grassroots and Community programs

  • Work with the Executive Director, administration staff and CSWU Board to manage related costs

  • Directly manage the technical staff budget dedicated to coaching and administrative personnel in the Club’s technical department and associated programs and teams


  • Provide the Board with monthly technical reports for inclusion in monthlymanagement reporting

  • Provide an annual review and budget recommendations for the following year

  • Contribute as part of the Club’s staff management team to meeting and reporting requirements of the Club’s Board of Directors and its Technical Committee


To ensure that boys and girls of all ages and abilities have equal access to the game of soccer. To inspire them to technically develop their game through a focus on individual success and personal growth rather than winning at all cost. To become the soccer club of choice for players of all levels and abilities. To develop and support a life long love for the game.


  • We believe that the development of both male and female players is equally important.

  • We believe that financial, social and cultural barriers should never stand in the way of player development. As an outcome, we are committed to working with families to remove these barriers.

  • We believe that although team success is important, individual development of young athletes both on and off the field is the most valuable take away for all our players.

  • We respect and appreciate the dedication of all age groups and divisions equally.

  • We believe in and promote a highly technical “possession” style of play, which has been the hallmark of our top teams. Our goal for all teams and players at all levels within CSWU is to play this style of soccer.


  • We create opportunities for players to continue soccer at the Men’s, Women’s, Collegiate, University and Professional levels. We work with other Clubs and organizations in Calgary and elsewhere, where appropriate, to advance individual and team development.

  • We endeavor to promote a culture at SWU where all players, parents and coaches believe that Club comes first – players play for the Club and ona team. We additionally endeavor to provide a variety of programming suitable for all players.

  • Our player development process includes transparent practices which promote the inclusion of feedback from trainers, coaches and players.

Job Type: Full-time


  • Soccer Leadership: 8 years (Preferred)


  • National B or International equivalent, National A preferred (Preferred)

David Benson