Junior Flying Trapeze Summer Instructor-In-Training at Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze

Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze is a Non-Profit recreation sports club in Calgary, Alberta offering instruction in the circus sport of Flying Trapeze to the public. Our mission is to share our passion for the increasingly popular and unique sport of Flying Trapeze with people of all ages and abilities in an open and encouraging environment.

We are hiring youth for our summer season in order to train local young Calgarians to become increasingly proficient in the skill areas required to operate a Flying Trapeze rig.

There are three areas of coaching proficiency required on every Flying Trapeze instructor team:

  1. Platform coach

  2. Safety line operation coach

  3. Catcher coach

The Junior Flying Trapeze Instructor-In-Training’s tasks and responsibilities will include the following:

  • They will receive dedicated instruction to become proficient in all of the above three areas of coaching.

  • They will receive instruction on performing the basic complement of Flying Trapeze aerial maneuvers (called “Tricks”).

  • They will receive instruction on how to teach “Ground School” (ie. give safety briefing talk, lead warm up routine, teach proper take off position from the platform, teach various tricks on the ground level practice bar, etc.) to public participants.

  • They will learn about rig maintenance and equipment safety checking procedures, which are performed on the Flying Trapeze Rig on a daily basis.

  • Once instructed in the above areas to a level that is within the acceptable safety and proficiency standards of our club, they will then be involved in providing instruction in Flying Trapeze to the public. They will assist in running public classes, and at the same time continue their training in areas of platform work/safety lines operation/catching.

  • They will learn about, and assist when appropriate, in the various administrative tasks involved in the operation of a recreational sports club – ie. participant scheduling software, invoicing software, payment systems, marketing tools on social media platforms, waiver-signing applications, handling public inquiries directly and through email, payroll systems, staff scheduling systems, etc.

This job position runs from May to September 2019, and is contingent upon availability of funding through the Canada Summer Job Grant. Rate of pay is $16/hour, 30 hours per week. Interested applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze Club will accept applications from all persons with no discrimination. We endeavour to provide a safe, inclusive, workplace environment free of harassment and discrimination

If interested to apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to info@rockymountaintrapeze.ca as soon as possible.

Becca Gould