Volunteers at Comrie's Sports Equipment Bank

Comrie's Sports Equipment Bank has a casino coming up on April 19th and 20th and are still looking for some volunteers.

Those interested need to respond by email at adriel@comriessports.org no later than Tuesday April 16th at noon.

People can sign up for 1 of 2 positions (chip runner or count room staff).If they volunteer for count room staff they could be assigned to any of the positions in the count room the day of. If volunteers are only available one of the days that is fine.

Shifts for each day are at the following times:

  • 11:00am-7:00pm

  • 6:45pm-3:30am

  • 11:15pm-3:30am

Chip Runner

  • Participates in games opening and closing with gaming table personnel

  • Transfers fills from the banker to games and credits from games to banker

  • Verifies the accuracy of these transactions

  • At final close of games each day, witnesses chip count and verifies on the Casino Track system

  • May assist the general manager during pull of drop boxes

Count Room Staff


  • Empties the contents of the drop box and shows open box to camera to ensure it is empty

  • Sorts cash or chips into denominations and places into money bin with a “Box ID Card” and passes bin to counter

  • Witnesses count by counter

  • At final close of games may witness table chip count, if required


  • Counts the contents of the money bin using money counting machine

  • Places contents of drop box back into the money bin along with the “Box ID Card” and passes bin to the amalgamator

  • Assists sorting of chips and cash as needed


  • Enters the table number from the “Box ID card” into the Casino Track system

  • Enters the number of bills, coins and chips (if any) counted by the counter into the Casino Track system


  • Receives cash or chips from counter in money bin

  • Verifies all bills are of the same denomination

  • Uses a counting machine to verify contents of the money bin and advises count room supervisor of the amount by denomination

  • Amalgamates all cash or chips in the count room  by denomination into bundles of one hundred after receiving confirmation from the count room supervisor that the totals from both counts match

Becca Gould