Lead Bicycle Technician at Velofix

Under new and local ownership, Velofix Calgary aims to give all customers a convenient, premium bike service that saves time and lets people get back to what they really love - RIDING.

I am looking for ambitious and entrepreneurial minded Lead Bike and Part Time Bike Techs to join the Calgary Velofix van crew. The ideal candidates are people who have a desire to be part of a growing business that is re-shaping the bike service experience.You enjoy customer interaction and seeing the look on the customers face when the job is done and the bike is handed back to them.

Driving a fully spec'd and tool'd Mercedes Sprinter Van to a customers home or place of work is a unique experience - if you are looking for change, and stepping out from behind the bike stand - Velofix may be the answer. You are given the freedom and opportunity to work and talk directly with customers throughout the entire bike service process. From the moment the bike hits the stand to taking payment. You become the relationship manager, you become a trusted friend and you become someone people can continually count on to keep their bikes on the dirt or road. And as a mobile service - each day is completely different.

You will be given autonomy and responsibility within a supported environment where you will be encouraged to develop and grow your skill set and career.

Matthew Achtymichuk