Calgary 55 plus Games Association

Calgary 55 plus, registered as Calgary Recreation and Culture Association (CRCA), is an organization for mature Calgarians looking to play, compete, revitalize and re-energize through up to 30 different sports, table games or cultural activities.

Calgary 55 plus is a one-stop shop with something for everyone. For information about the activities you can enjoy as a Calgary 55 plus member, click here.

Calgary 55 plus is one of eight zones — we’re Zone 3 — operating as a a part of Alberta 55 plus. To learn more about Alberta 55 plus, click here.

The objectives of Calgary 55 plus are to:

  • encourage, promote and develop recreation and culture opportunities for members 55 years of age and older

  • encourage adults 55 and older to become active members of the community

  • represent Calgary adults age 55 and older in city, provincial and national sports, table games and cultural activities

  • develop sport clinics, leadership skills and friendly competitions for them

  • develop camaraderie among Calgarians 55 years plus

Learn how you can become a member by clicking here.