Glenmore Sailing Club


    • Summer Youth Sailing Camps provide instruction for children starting at six years old.
    • Wednesday Night Racing provides a mid-week competitive break.
    • Fall Sunday Afternoon Series, in similar format to WNR keeps the season going to the end of October!
    • Family Fridays give youth additional training and offer friends, colleagues and families social time at the Club and lake.
    • Weekend regattas at Glenmore and other lakes provide skills development and competition at all levels.
    • Social events through the whole year engage family members and sailors.
    • A recreational sail around the lake after work or on a weekend is a great opportunity to enjoy sailing right in the heart of the city.

Sailing is safe and teaches valuable skills.

  • The Club's coach boat and the City of Calgary Boat Patrol ensures sailors are safe.

  • Annual membership for a family can cost less than five rounds of golf.

  • There are 300 members at the Glenmore Sailing Club.

  • A nationally-certified coach teaches youth sailing programs and training clinics during the summer.


    • Getting started in sailing does not require the purchase of a sailboat... the Glenmore Sailing Club has Club boats for members.
    • If people prefer to purchase their own sailboat, many sailboats cost less than the annual membership at a golf course. There are many types of sailboats from social cruising to racing sailboats.
    • Youth can learn to sail and then compete in the Optimist.
    • The San Juan 21 is both a family cruising boat and a competitive racer. This boat is easily-trailerable and many of these boats are towed to other lakes.
    • The Laser can be sailed at the lake at your cottage or raced in the Olympics.
    • A Fireball is a race boat for two people.
    • The Martin 16 was designed by an internationally recognized boat designer for people with disabilities (can't tip) while retaining the lively characteristics of comparably sized sailboats.
    • Glenmore also boasts a budding IOM and X-Class RC Fleet for radio-controlled enthusiasts!


    • The Glenmore Sailing Club was founded in 1959.

    • Sailors from GSC sail competitively at the provincial, national and international level.