Renbukai Canada

The Kanto Sho Karate Club was founded in January of 2002. The Dojo is registered and licensed by the Japan Karate-do Federation and a member of the Karate Alberta Association. The Dojo has strong roots, grounded in the teachings of our karate forefathers both in Japan and Canada. The instructors have over 60 years of teaching experience amongst them. They have been training the art of Renbukai Karate since 1978. Instructors have focused their time and energy on developing their skills and that of their students in this specific art. Our instructors strive to maintain the integrity of the art they were taught over 30 years ago.

Instructors have trained, taught and entered competitions in Japan since 1984. They still travel to Japan regularly, continuing to develop their skills and forge strong relationships with the Karate Masters. All black belt instructors are licensed with the Japan Karate-do Federation.

Members of the Kanto Sho Karate Club enter tournaments in Canada, USA and Japan.

Some to note are:

All Japan Full Contact Tournament
Tokyo Full Contact Tournament
Ebina, Japan City Tournament
Atsugi, Japan City Tournament
World Police and Fire Games Karate Tournament
Alaska State Karate Championships
Canadian Shotokan Invitational Championships
Western Canadian Karate Championships
Alberta Open Karate Tournament
All Alberta Renbukai Karate Championships

The instructors and students from the Kanto Sho Karate Club have won gold, silver or bronze in all of the tournaments they have entered.