Sentenashi Karate School

Sentenashi Karate has evolved and branched off from Seido Kan Karate. Seido-Kan Karate began in Ontario in 1977. Along with it’s Founder, Sensei Mario Quiquero, Hanshi Strohbach developed the unique Seido Kan style by adapting traditional Japanese style self-defense into a versatile, highly effective system for the new millennium. After establishing the three largest karate schools in southern Ontario, Hanshi Strohbach brought Seido-Kan Karate to Calgary in 1998. As the school once again grew, so did the desire to acquire professional accreditation so that the increasing number of Black belts graduating could have world wide recognition. This is when the school became Sentenashi which translates to no first strike.   Sentenashi Karate School is the only professional JKF (Japan Karatedo Federation) Wado-Kai Branch in Alberta insuring a Dojo with World Class standards.

About us

  • Program’s vary from Children’s recreational to Elite WKF sport karate, having something for everybody

  • Certified Instructor’s with over 40 years teaching experience

  • Head Instructor is a World Karate Federation licensed Canadian National Team Coach

  • Have the opportunity to train with Provincial and National Karate Team members within the dojo in your everyday classes