The Tao of Peace Ltd

At The Tao of Peace (The Tao) we believe all styles of Martial Arts are beneficial. Whether you are training in Karate, Kung Fu, Judo or Tai Chi the basic elements of balance, focus, distance, and timing are universal. Most disciplines begin to merge for the experienced practitioner. We have chosen to combine many styles to provide a well-rounded program for realistic self-defence.

Our evolving approach includes the following multi-disciplinary styles:

• Hapkido - a combination of Judo, Taekwondo, and Aikido
• Budo Ryu Kempo - a combination of Filipino kickboxing, Panatukan (boxing), Rutano Estokada Kali, Stick & Knife, and Hairbon Dumog (grappling)
• R.C.I Combatives - a combination of Tai Jitsu, Tanto Jitsu anti-grappling, and Aikido
• Shotokan Karate
• Wado Ki Karate

We attempt to expose our students to a full range of skills which allows them to develop their own distinctive set of strengths. We encourage our students to evolve weaknesses into strengths while also maximizing their potential based on their natural, unique characteristics.

Students at The Tao develop open hand striking skills, boxing, kicking, throwing, grappling, joint locking, shoulder rolling, break falling, blending and yielding, weapon training and disarming, patterns, and sparring. This is accomplished with great attention to safety and overall wellness. Your training will leave you feeling relaxed, centered, energized, inspired, and sweaty.