Calgary Wolfpack Football Club

The Wolfpack is a non-profit, men’s semi pro football team in the AFL. It is the longest standing team in the AFL starting up spring 1989, and currently holds the most championships. Prior to the 2018 season the team was slowly falling starting in 2014 when the president left leaving the 2015 season in a huge debate against board members. In 2016 a prior president had returned to try and rebuild a team, but with lost sponsors, no coaching other than the one standing president, low numbers in players, it proved to be difficult and the president of that time stood down after the 2017 season and passed on the team to a fellow Wolfpack member and now current president. After a four year losing streak it was finally broken in the 2018 season. The current president and current team members have already shown much improvement, but still has a long way to go. Currently the one president is covering all funding for the team, including gear, field time (indoor and out), travel and stay for away games, paying for officials and trainers. For the 2019 season The Wolfpack’s goal is to find sponsorships, coaching, get the name back out again, and rebuild a team that once was.

Becca Gould