Calgary Youth Curling Association

The Calgary Youth Curling Association is a volunteer non-profit society created to provide the infrastructure and means whereby Calgary and area youth are given the chance to learn and participate in the sport of curling. The association is completely dedicated to youth curling. Attracting youth to the sport, the CYCA develops, organizes and implements youth curling activities and programs in the Calgary area.

The Calgary Youth Curling Association is a contact point for parents and youth to connect to the sport of Curling. The association gives the opportunity for youth to play an organized sport in a safe environment that promotes sportsmanship and helps begin a journey that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The task requires a co-operative and supportive effort by several key and integral groups such as: various curing associations, curling clubs, schools, volunteers, coaches, instructors and the CYCA working together with common objectives and approaches.

Evans Hunt