Don Hartman North East Sportsplex

Since 1995, the Don Hartman North East Sportsplex has taken community sports facilities to a higher level. The Sportsplex features not one, but two ice surfaces big enough for the National Hockey Leaguers to play on, proving that hockey still rules in this city, as far as facilities go. The rinks are known as the North East Sportsplex East and West arenas. 

The facility also boasts a full-sized gymnasium, a small fitness gymnasium and a 250-seat dining lounge and sports bar with a full menu. The small gym offers a weight room filled with the latest in fitness equipment. 

Parents and spectators will appreciate this facility where you can lounge in the comfort of the heated sports bar while watching the game. The drink and food prices in the lounge are excellent and if you get tired of watching the game, you can shoot some pool. After all those practices and bottle drives, finally somebody is giving something back to the moms and dads with a facility worth bragging about.

Becca Gould