Unity Integration Studios

Unity Integration Studios was founded as 1996 as Unity Massage Therapy.

And RE-established as Unity Integration Studios in 2006 to expand services offered by UMT to *integrate* other training methodologies:
- Pilates
- Functional Personal Training (w/Pilates foundation)
- Fitness
- as well as other health, wellness & fitness offerings
- (+Vegan products and workshops, etc).

And Unity Integration Studios re-launched in 2018 as an intimate (currently home-based) Pilates studio offering Pilates and Functional Personal Training in Privates & Duets formats, along with fusion/integrated small group training , as well as small group Pilates mat classes (3-4 people maximum).

The owner and founder Michelle L. Marcicki is a former RMT, who specialized in therapeutic deep tissue, and sport massage therapy focused on treatment for dancers, gymnasts/aerialists, runners, triathletes, martial artists, golfers, equestrian, motorcyclists, and all athletes, as well as general population.

Michelle continues to focus on these populations with a strong emphasis on supporting those in any sport with Pilates and functional training, as well as supporting and advising other Entrepreneurs in their fitness, health & self-care, so they can be be in optimal health to run their business(es)!

Having danced for years, in various styles, as well as martial arts via NIA, Michelle will be pursuing her minor in Dance, along with completing her Kinesiology degree part-time via Mount Royal University (Open Studies), and at the University of Calgary over the next several years.

Becca Gould