Become an Individual Member

As per Sport Calgary bylaws (article 2.1.1.iii) Individual Member (Non-Voting) shall be a person interested in furthering and promoting the objectives of the Council.


As an individual member, you will receive:

  • Receive an invitation to the AGM and any Special Meetings of Sport Calgary

  • Volunteering opportunties with Sport Calgary and/or its members and partners

  • Information and or assistance with grant writing and Bylaw revisions

  • The opportunity to promote sport events on Sport Calgary calendar of events

  • An invitation to participate in workshops, educational and networking opportunities around sport issues, governance, and Canadian Sport for Life

  • Access to research Sport Calgary conducts on an ongoing basis

  • Contribute to the development of sport in Calgary through a variety of means

  • Invitations to ad hoc discussion groups and Facility Advisory Groups, which bring people together to find sport solutions to sport issues.


There is no cost for an individual to become a member of Sport Calgary.

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Members' Code of Conduct
Sport Calgary assists, supports, and influences the growth of sport in Calgary. Our vision is to be the voice for sport in Calgary. All members share rights and responsibilities based upon integrity and respect for each other, for self and for the environment. Sport Calgary is committed to ensuring an atmosphere that promotes its core values of collaboration, partnerships, transparency, community well-being, service quality, health and fitness, diversity, and accountability. This Code of Conduct for members is based on principles that promote Sport Calgary’s mission, vision and core values. These standards of behaviour apply to all members of the community. All members will conduct themselves to promote the values of Sport Calgary and in strict conformity with legal requirements. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is fully aware of all requirements expected of members. Members will conduct their affairs in an appropriate and ethical manner, and in a way that does not compromise the reputation of Sport Calgary, its mandate and values, or reflect negatively on other members. Membership may be refused in accordance with Sport Calgary’s Membership Policy.  Members may be expelled from membership or suspended from membership if this Code of Conduct is determined to be contravened, or at such time as a member otherwise no longer qualifies for membership in accordance with Sport Calgary’s Membership Policy. Privacy Policy: Your information, including email addresses, will be kept confidential and Sport Calgary will not disclose them to third parties under any circumstances without permission. “By signing below, I acknowledge that I have consented to providing the foregoing information, that I will receive email from Sport Calgary from time to time, and that I agree to the Members’ Code of Conduct.”
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