Sport Calgary Supports Hockey’s “Declaration of Principles”

CALGARY, Alberta — Sport Calgary today expressed strong support for the Declaration of Principles unveiled by the National Hockey League (NHL) and National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), as part of a broader group of 17 hockey organizations.

“We eagerly anticipate the activation of this policy at the grassroots level, “ said Murray Sigler, Sport Calgary CEO.” The eight identifed principles signal a commitment by hockey’s leaders to make the game inclusive and supportive for all participants. Looking beyond hockey, this is part of the encouraging progress that sport organizations are making in improving their sport cultures.”

“We like the initiative taken by the NHL and NHLPA to declare the principles for positive change,” said Catriona Le May Doan, Senior Director Community & Sport Engagement, Sport Calgary. “We encourage them to help local community sport groups accept these principles and also help them implement them. Sport Calgary feels this is in line with the Respect in Sport program guidelines and hopes that all sport groups - grassroots to national - will also develop guiding principles so that all sport participants have great sport experiences and want to stay involved in sport for life.”

In difficult or stressful economic times, sport is more important than ever for its ability to foster community and bring people together. Sport Calgary strongly encourages fans and participants at all levels of sport to embrace the inclusive principles of the Declaration of Principles, as well as other programs such as Respect in Sport, to keep sport a safe, positive, source of joy and camaraderie for all Calgarians.

See to learn more about the Declaration of Principles.

For more information please contact Catriona Le May Doan, Senior Director, Community & Sport Engagement, at or 403.984.0975

Evans Hunt