Sport Calgary Supports the Continuing Work of Calgary 2026

CALGARY, Alberta — Sport Calgary has expressed its support for the continuing work of the Calgary 2026 bid corporation.

“The Calgary 2026 team has completed an impressive depth of work to date,” said Murray Sigler, CEO of Sport Calgary. “The facts suggest that a Calgary 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games would be an unparalleled opportunity for community building.”

Sport Calgary is confident that the Calgary 2026 team can deliver and meet the objectives of the Draft Hosting Plan Concept that was released today, to create an event and legacy that benefits all Calgarians.

In particular, it is encouraging to see the hosting plan concept include the use of a new multi-sport complex (fieldhouse) and community arena.

There has been a deep and longstanding need in Calgary for a multisport fieldhouse, as repeatedly identified by City Council in the past. The construction of the two new sport facilities identified in the hosting plan concept would create an ongoing legacy of accessible community sport, sport development, events, and programs for all Calgarians.

“As a city, we can afford to host a Calgary Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2026. But more importantly, the conservative estimates provided in the hosting plan concept suggest that a Calgary 2026 Games would be a positive win for the economy,” said Sigler.

“Congratulations to the Calgary 2026 team for putting forward a progressive vision for the growth of our city. It’s up to Calgarians now to come together and discuss if this vision matches our expectations for our city’s future.”

About Sport Calgary

Sport Calgary is a volunteer non-profit society, representing sport in the city of Calgary as a Civic Partner of the City of Calgary. As an advocate of sport, we strive to assist, support and influence the growth of sport in Calgary by:

  • Playing a lead role in the implementation of the Calgary Sport for Life Policy, and ensuring it continues to create a vision for sport in Calgary from introductory to high performance levels.

  • Continually identifying and assessing the needs of the sport community and facility stakeholders.

  • Encouraging development and enhancement of appropriate facilities and the efficient utilization of current facilities.

  • Fostering collaboration within the sport community and coordination of resources among stakeholders to develop and enhance facilities.

  • Increasing the profile of sport in Calgary, and advocating the values and benefits of sport.

  • Facilitating education and training opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, parents and volunteers.

  • Acting as a resource for sport organizations.

  • Encouraging the hosting of sport events and sport tourism in Calgary.

David Benson