Board Standing Committee Members

Charity Callahan
Charity is a IT/Marketing Consultant. She has a background/interest in diving.

Lachlan Griffiths
Lachlan is a Senior Manager, Audit at PwC. He has a background/interest in Australian Rules Football.

Ted Hodgson
Ted is recently retired as the Executive Director at the Indigenous Sport Council. He has a multi-sport background, including hockey, Alberta Sport Connection, and the Canada Indigenous Games.

Christiane Job
Christiane has a PhD in Kinesiology, is an academic researcher with the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. She has a multi-sport background, including basketball (U Sports) and kinesiology. 

Juan Osuna
Juan is a marketing manager and sport coach. He has a background in karate, including running his own organization.

Jason Ribeiro
Jason is a PhD candidate in leadership at the University of Calgary, with extensive community organizing experience. He has a background and interest in a variety of sports. 

Alyson Robb
Alyson has experience in political communications, as well as government relations in the oil and gas industry. She has a background in figure skating.

Jason Zaran
Jason is the Director of Sales for Sundial Growers. He has a multi-sport background, including involvement with the Fieldhouse Society.

David Benson