A Week of Sport Discovery: Foot Golf

Sport Calgary is doing a blog series on the different Sport Calgary member organizations. This blog introduces Calgarians to sports offered in the city they can try. Ryley is an intern at Sport Calgary for the four months between the third and fourth years of her degree. She is pursuing a bachelor of communication, majoring in PR and minoring in marketing and has a passion for sport. Ryley loves trying new activities and finding different ways to get moving and staying active for life. Her main activities are hiking, skiing, yoga, running and surfing, all of which either her mom, boyfriend or dog loves to join her in doing!

I hadn’t heard of foot golf until a week before I tried it. The River Spirit Golf Club emailed Sport Calgary, telling us about foot golf and I thought, I’m not good at golf or soccer, wouldn’t it be fun to combine the two? I booked a tee time the next day. Even though traditional golf players don’t love the idea (foot golf tends to be a little bit loud), River Spirit Golf Club is hoping foot golf will be successful. The owners of the club played in Vancouver and fell in love with the sport, so they brought it back to Calgary and are passionate about giving people a different way to enjoy being outside.

Dylan, the other Sport Calgary intern for the summer, came with me to River Spirit to give foot golf a try. Leif, Director of Golf Operations, met us downstairs, we hopped in our golf carts (I was already having fun because I love driving golf carts) and went to start our game! Foot golf is exactly what it sounds like. You kick a ball down a fairway and into a hole. However, instead of using golf balls you use soccer balls and the hole is 80 yards away, not 350 yards away.

I was excited to play because Leif described it as a very laid back and fun game they wanted to bring to the course for non-golfers (me). It was a gorgeous day and we were eager to get going, so as soon as Leif explained the rules we teed off. I was actually kind of good! The holes are short so there isn’t time to get frustrated, you just keep playing. Foot golf felt a lot like the soccer version of mini-golf because it was so entertaining and if I did poorly on a hole, I laughed rather than getting grumpy and moved on.

We played for an hour and played through 6 holes. Unfortunately, Dylan beat me by one point. Even though I lost, the course was still beautiful, and we had a lot of fun running around the fairways. There are 18 foot golf holes at River Spirit; thus, for every 1 full size golf hole there are two foot golf holes designated to each hole. Regular golf can still be played on the holes because the foot golf flags are off to the side of the fairway where your golf ball isn’t going (hopefully). It takes a couple of kicks to get used to it if you aren’t a soccer player, but after that, it was easy to get the hang of and really fun to play.

The foot golf portion of River Spirit Golf Club is open at 4 p.m. until dusk. When you arrive, the club supplies you with a sheet outlining the rules of foot golf and then you rent your soccer balls and go! No cleats are allowed on the course, and golf attire must be worn at all times. A four-some of adults is $100 for 18 holes, individual participants are $28 each and kids under 18 can play for $15 each. Soccer ball rentals are $7.

Foot golf is social, light hearted and is something different you can do with your friends. I would recommend this sport to anyone who can kick a soccer ball. If you want to be outside and be active, foot golf is a great way to do it. I am looking forward to going back with a group of friends to see if I can win next time!

For more information, contact the club at info@riverspiritgolf.com. The course is still very new, so the information hasn’t quite made it onto their website yet!


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Evans Hunt