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Make a B-Line to Calgary’s coolest indoor bike park!

Angela (me) with her sweet BMX rental at B-LINE

Angela (me) with her sweet BMX rental at B-LINE

I had heard great things about about B-LINE Indoor Bike Park since its opening in October 2017, but I was too intimidated to try it out on my own.

I was thinking only experienced bikers would be there doing flips and tricks and I would stick out like a sore thumb as someone who was new and terrible. When I saw that this sport was a part of All Sport One City, I figured it would be my chance to try it out with other beginners. Ten minutes into the session, I was kicking myself for not trying it sooner!!

Features in advanced section of the park

Features in advanced section of the park

There is something for EVERYONE at B-LINE. They have terrain for every level of rider, from beginner to pro. B-LINE is a family fun (really, really fun) centre at which you can progress or refine your biking skills through pump tracks, jump lines and even a FOAM PIT!

I brought my 52-year-old mother Karen with me to the All Sport One City session. She also had never been to B-line and she loved it just as much. My mom and I go mountain biking together during the summer, but we were both new to indoor biking and jumps.

When we arrived at the facility, Ryan Greenberg, owner of B-LINE, helped us sign in and get set up with bike and helmet rentals. You can bring your own bike/helmet if you prefer. I was given a BMX rental, which was a type of bike I had never used. BMX bikes are smaller and easier to maneuver for jumping and trick purposes, but it is definitely easier to lose your balance and go out of control when moving fast/jumping (speaking from my own experience a few bruises later).

Once we hopped on our bikes, Ryan directed us to try out the pump track first. This was the beginner area, made up of low features and small to medium pumps and jumps to get us familiar with the bikes and so he could assess our skill levels. After warming up, we moved on to the foam pit! This was by far the highlight of my time at B-Line and it is clear why this area has the most traffic. The foam pit has various sizes of jumps from four to six feet in height and quarterpipes on either side. Although this was a busy area, I found that everyone was incredibly friendly, patient, and willing to offer pointers. I think it would actually be impossible to not have fun at B-LINE.

Angela (me) trying out the jumplines and getting some “serious air”

Angela (me) trying out the jumplines and getting some “serious air”

The jumps were quite intimidating looking at them from the opposite side of the foam pit area, but if my mother could do them all, so could I! We started out on the small one and eventually worked up enough courage to try the six-footer. Ryan warned us that it gets addicting, and he was right!

Continuing on from the pit, we went to the jumplines area to get some serious air! B-LINE has four progressive jumplines. They are marked in colours to differentiate their difficulty level. They use the same colour system as ski hills; green for beginner and intermediate, blue for advanced, and black for expert.

I could not wipe the smile off my face as I went over jump after jump, trying new things and thoroughly enjoying myself WAY more than I do on a typical Thursday night. I think I found my new hobby!!

B-LINE offers many opportunities to get involved. They are open Tuesday-Sunday and offer 1-hour, day, consecutive day and annual passes. They also offer rental options for bikes, helmets and pads. The “1-hour Dealio” is a great price and option for trying out the facility for the first time. It is $30 for the hour and includes rentals. Ryan told us that most people end up extending their 1-hour stay to 2 or 3!

You will catch me there on Tuesday nights - LADIES NIGHT! B-LINE offers a ladies night every Tuesday to encourage lady riders to come out and try it out with discounted prices ($5 off day pass, $10 off rentals) and occasional free clinics. The free clinics are run by Steph Nychka. She is a mother of 3 and a professional BMX Biker! I am hoping she can teach me a thing or two.


B-LINE is located in a huge warehouse in NE Calgary (see map on right). Whether you are a lover of biking already, or completely new to the sport, I encourage you to pay B-LINE a visit. You will not regret it!

Visit for more info on pricing, hours and other general information.

As the weather starts to get warmer, take your skills you learned this winter at B-LINE to Calgary’s outdoor bike parks! There are various FREE outdoor bike parks available around the city.


Blackfoot Trail – BMX Club

Winsport (COP) - Skills park and trails


Fish Creek Park – Dirt pump track and skills area

Shaw Millenium Park - Skate and bike park

South Glenmore Park - Coming 2019!

If you love biking, but are not quite ready to hit the bike parks, Calgary offers many bike friendly trails and Park and Bike sites that are FREE to use and double as a great way to check out our cool city!

Happy biking!

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