Annual KidSport Calgary​’s Give the Gift of Sport fundraising campaign starts today!

The Annual KidSport Calgary’s Give the Gift of Sport fundraising campaign starts today! Make a donation or support one of the Gift of Sport partners to help qualified (low income) kids that rely on KidSport #SoALLKidsCanPlay.

Also a big "thank you" to KidSport sponsors, donors and supporters who have helped KidSport make such a difference to so many families and for so many deserving kids. With your help KidSport continues to provide families with the opportunity to say yes to their children's interest in participating in sport, when financial barriers would have otherwise excluded those kids from valuable opportunities.

Sport provides kids access to learning so many amazing skills and life lessons, and for KidSport families they also provide a sense of confidence and being that they would miss out on without KidSport's support. The need for KidSport in our communities continues to rise, and your continued support in rallying around these families and giving them a sense of team and belonging can empower a child to dream, make that difference they need today, and help build them into our future leaders of tomorrow.

Just as Calgary is the largest KidSport chapter in Canada, KidSport Alberta is also the largest provincial KidSport program in Canada. This is a testament to their over 300 volunteers across the province who dedicate their time to ensure the success of the KidSport program in their own community. It is these volunteers efforts that makes it possible for KidSport to positively impact so many deserving kids each year.

David Benson