Sport Nutrition for Youth

Alberta Health Services Registered Dietitians are pleased to share the updated Sports Nutrition for Youth: A Handbook for Coaches and the four new infographic posters and six new modules that support this resource. 

About these Resources

The handbook, modules and infographic posters support school and community coaches who wish to share accurate nutrition information with healthy, recreational athletes. These resources can also support active youth who are not formally involved in organized sports. 
Athletes often consider their coaches to be the most trusted source of nutrition information, and these resources provide evidence and ideas that will help coaches:
•    support athletes and their parents make healthy choices around nutrition and hydration for sports performance
•    create healthier eating environments for athletes at home, at school, on the road and in recreation centres
•    address matters such as vegetarian diets, body image, alcohol, and nutrition supplements

The Handbook

The handbook discusses several different topics, including:
•    Sports Nutrition and Hydration Before, During and After Activity
•    Planning for Tournaments, Competitions and Travel
•    Healthy Drinks
•    Sports Drinks
•    Vegetarian Eating
•    Body Image
•    Nutrition Supplements
•    Alcohol and Sports Performance

The New Modules

The modules enable coaches to quickly access content that they can deliver in the dressing room, on the bench or during more formal discussions. Coaches do not require any technology to use the information in the modules. They can simply use a printed copy to guide their discussions on nutrition. The modules also include all handouts that are relevant to the topic. 

The New Posters

The infographic posters provide a brief, visual overview of key Sports Nutrition and hydration principles. These colour posters are available to print in a variety of sizes and can be displayed in gymnasiums, recreation centres, locker rooms and fitness centres. 

How to Access these Resources

You can find and print all of the resources on the Healthy Eating Starts Here website. They are not available to order. 
If you have any questions, please contact