Kids Up Front presents Stranded: Water Valley


Apply to be a Stranded contestant.

Stranded: Water Valley summons the wilderness warrior in all of us, bringing together 18 competitors from diverse backgrounds to the great outdoors, with nothing but a container of rice, a sleeping bag and their wits. This event requires grit, passion, stamina and a love of community.

Our contestants put it all on the line to fundraise for our programs, while undertaking grueling physical challenge in all types of weather (rain, cold, intense heat, bugs). They endure intense competition, broken alliances, and sabotage, all while being followed by a film crew. We invite YOU to join us as a contestant.

When and Where is the Event?

Stranded takes place from Friday, Aug. 9 to Sunday, Aug. 11 (Friday mid-day to Sunday evening), and is held at Camp Kindle (the summer camp of Kids Cancer Care).

What is it?

Contestants sleep under the stars, with minimal provisions (sleeping bags, a bag of rice, and one luxury item), in true Survivor TV show style. Contestants participate in a series of carefully constructed outdoor physical and mental challenges, with contestants voting each other out periodically and gradually reducing the number of active contestants while building the jury for the final vote. It is a true live and local version of the reality television show. Immunity idols, alliances, tribe switches, and a live camera crew all complete the authenticity of the event.

As a contestant what am I committing to?

  1. You must be able to commit to attending all three days August 9-11. No late arrivals or early departures.

  2. Participants will have several months to fundraise up the the $2,500 minimum. We will give you all the tools required, will share on our social channels and can offer ideas that were successful last year. The minimum MUST be met in order to participate. As per our fundraising agreement, if you fail to raise the minimum amount all funds will be forfeited to Kids Up Front.

  3. This event will run regardless of the weather (rain or shine) and can be very taxing, both mentally and physically. Please consider this as you apply.

Becca Gould