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FHL: Football Hockey Link is a FREE program that introduces culturally diverse children/youth to hockey and Canadian football and then helps link them to sports associations in their communities.

The Program:

FHL, with community partners, offers an introductory football and hockey program to up to 50 kids between the ages of 8 and 16 each year. 

·         Kids learn basic skills in each sport, including skating for the hockey component.

·         FHL helps with transportation and provides equipment.

·         Football is 2 half-day sessions, and Hockey is 5 on-ice sessions.

·         Field trips such as going to a football game are included as are other fun activities to build athletic skills and friendships.

·         Organizers help interested kids/families register in community sports leagues to continue involvement in one of these sports.

When the program takes place:

Registration deadline June 15 - the program runs in July/August.  Please contact organizers for exact dates. However We are accepting late registrations!

To register or for more information contact organizers:

Krista Taldorf (403)681-0870

Marion Christensen (403)542-4753



Matthew Achtymichuk