Event Volunteers Needed at Calgary National Bank Challenger

The Calgary National Bank Challenger is in need of volunteers for Transportations, Floating crew/Rovers, Access control and Ball crew members.

Transportations Requirements

Needs to be 25 years old and older, with good driving record (we require volunteers to submit a copy of recent driving abstract and driver license), and with no criminal record (we require volunteers to submit a recent police check letter)

Ball Crew Requirements

Age 11-18 years old. With flexible schedule. We need ball kids for from 10am – 10pm (depends on the matches), especially during the day time. I am sending out email to sport schools and if you need anyone that I can reach out to, please let me know.

Floating Crew

Floating Crew will be helping out at all other departments, and we need volunteers for all the time slots. 8am-11pm.  

Access Control

Access Control will be stationing at the access points and checking badges and accreditation. We need them also at all the time slots.

All other positions are also available for application. Because we are hosting the event for 10 days, we need as many volunteer as possible. Deadline for applications will be September 21st, 2018 as we are running training sessions on the week of September 24th , and October 1st.


Volunteer Form

Each applicant needs to fill one out and email it back to me as soon as possible. They can indicate their schedule in the volunteer form. Completed volunteer forms can be emailed at mwidmer@albertatenniscentre.ca.

Becca Gould