The WNBA Is Coming To Canada And That Could Change Women's Sports


The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions, but they might soon have to make room for another basketball team in Canada’s collective heart. 

A group representing a bid to bring a WNBA team to Toronto will submit league paperwork by the end of the summer, which would allow for a franchise to be up and running in time for the 2020 season.

This is a big deal. The WNBA is the highest level of women’s professional basketball. Once approved, the unnamed Toronto team would become the first professional women’s basketball team in Canada. And with the recent folding of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, it will be the only major professional women’s league team in the country.

Literally the only one.

There are no more major professional women’s hockey teams. Or baseball. Or lacrosse. Even the players on our beloved Shania Twain-singing women’s national soccer team have to play somewhere else if they want to get paid even remotely fairly. 

That is wild.

Matthew Achtymichuk