all sport one day

June 13-14, 2020
Locations across calgary

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85 activities. one day. 100% free

On June 13-14, join us for All Sport One Day!

All Sport One Day is an amazing opportunity for Calgary children and youth to try a new sport. It’s also a chance to discover a new passion. With 85 exciting activities to choose from, parents or guardians can enrol children (ages 6 and above) in FREE sport sessions for a day of fun and adventure.

Activities take place at facilities all across Calgary and Cochrane.

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all sport one day

A free day of sport discovery.

All Sport One Day is an amazing opportunity for kids from all over the city to be exposed to sports that they haven't had the opportunity to try.

Participation in this event is a perfect way to stay active and maybe even discover a new passion!

"They wanted to learn climbing and they got a chance, they were so happy and the instructors were just amazing!"
"My son told me it's really INTERESTING. I want to learn these sports!"
"Thanks to the coaches/volunteers for giving her such a positive introduction to the activities"
"Very smooth and efficient! The instructors were excellent and engaging"
"She was not just doing a session but she was absolutely loving doing it."








June 13-14, 2020

time: 10 am - 2:15 pm

85 different sport activitieS

20+ different locations

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