who we are



Sport Calgary assists, supports, and influences the growth of sport in Calgary.

As the voice of amateur sport in Calgary, we connect Calgarians and Sport. We work across all sports, helping individuals, teams and organizations learn, improve and grow. See for yourself.

Respect In Sport

Respect for each other.

We are a champion for Respect in Sport.

  • Programs are available online for parents, caregivers and coaches.
  • The objective is to learn to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.
  • Through interactive, online certification individuals learn to provide the guidance necessary to encourage positive sport behaviours.


What we do.

We are a volunteer-based, non-profit society guided by a deep love of sport and a mission to help sport grow in Calgary.

  • We increase the profile of sport, advocating positive values and benefits.
  • We act as a resource for sport organizations, helping them with funding, governance and public profile.
  • We work with local government to enhance facility development and utilization.

Staff & BOARD

Our Team

Our staff and board is comprised of leaders in sport, business and communications. They bring a wealth of experience and guidance, each with their own area of expertise but grounded in a common passion for our city and its sporting community.


The power of Calgary Sport.

We are committed to this regular, public recognition as a way to provide athletes, organizations and funding bodies to come together to recognize the time, effort and backing required to continue the invaluable role of amateur sport.



2018 was an important year for Sport Calgary. We continue to enjoy a strong, supportive and mutually beneficial working relationship with The City of Calgary, our primary funder, and as a Civic Partner.


5 year Strategic Plan

The seeds of this plan were planted at our Annual General Meeting in April 2016, where stakeholders gathered to share insights and recommendations to guide Sport Calgary over the next 5 years.

Here is our 2019-23 Strategic Plan.


Sport for life Policy

Calgary’s Sport for Life Policy was endorsed by the sport community and unanimously approved by City Council in 2018 as a means to grow, foster and encourage sport and sport opportunities in the city of Calgary.